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Higher Ed Digital Marketing Services

Services that fit your institution

Sometimes, a college needs more than just a partner to manage their digital marketing; they need an experienced industry expert to determine their overall marketing strategy for them. This goes beyond digital marketing - we analyze your conversion data, past performance, and current strategies. We develop a year-long strategic marketing plan containing monthly lead and application targets so that you can know exactly where you stand, in real time, in relation to hitting enrollment targets. We use proven marketing tactics, both digital and non-digital, to schedule where and when you should be spending your marketing dollars to deliver the requisite return on investment (ROI).   

Other times, an institution finds itself in between marketing leaders, and we help bridge the gap by providing productive direction during unstable times.

Our consulting relationship can take various forms: from a virtual consult, a day-long workshop, a longer, multi-semester engagement. Your situation is unique, and your solution will be tailored to your distinct challenges.   

Strategic Marketing Consulting

Lead Generation

Maybe you’re tasked with growing your online or grad programs, and need more leads to hit your goals. You know you should be doing more digital marketing, but perhaps you aren’t sure what channels will work best for your brand or what agency you can trust.   

Or perhaps you’re on the traditional side of enrollment and feel like there HAS to be a better way to generate students than purchasing the same lists that everyone else buys, and hoping that your viewbook ends up on the top of your prospect’s pile. After sending your recruiters to another college fair, where they sit table-to-table with all your competitors, you might be wondering if there is an easier, smarter way to diversify your application stream.

Whatever your pain points are, we’ve got you covered. 

Conversion Rate Optimization
Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is the first place to start any digital marketing strategy. CRO is the process of making sure your website and its pages are converting as well as they can. It’s a relatively quick process, but the benefits are long-term because after the point of optimization, your lead flow will continually rise. 

Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) should be a top priority for any institution. Why? 

  • 67% of searchers don’t look past the first five organic results, and 95% of searchers don’t go past the first page (source: brafton).

  • Organic leads and apps will be your highest-converting, lowest-cost source of students

When we work with an institution that hasn’t performed quality SEO on their site, we can typically expect to increase lead flow by 10-15% after a few months of optimizing. We start by performing a site audit, then develop a plan of action to get your site appearing on the first page for more relevant keyword searches. 

Our focus isn’t solely on improving your rankings; we also pour over your site to make sure that your traffic is converting as highly as possible. We’re on hundreds of higher ed websites every month and know how to get the most out of a university site.

Last year, we generated over $3.8 million in revenue for clients through SEO and conversion rate improvements to their .edu websites

Pay Per Click
It can take months of hard work to begin seeing significant movement in the organic rankings through SEO. Pay per click (PPC) advertising, mainly Google Ads and Bing, allows your site to pay to show up in the top spots immediately.

A properly run PPC campaign gathers valuable student data and insights - things like demographics, messaging effectiveness, and source tracking - that can help inform your other marketing strategies. 

Remarketing allows you to continue to advertise to a prospective student, even after they’ve left your site. And geo-fencing allows you to have your ads display in a specific location, like a high school campus, a college fair, or a large employer of potential graduate students. 

Last year, we generated over $1.3 million in revenue for PPC clients through these strategies. 

Social Media
We have experience marketing brands and degrees on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, Twitter, and YouTube. 

These social media channels provide higher ed institutions with a deeper level of targeting, but many colleges and universities aren’t utilizing the right platforms for their degrees. 

For example, we’ve generated tremendous results marketing higher ed graduate programs on LinkedIn because we can target by undergrad degree, employer, location, undergrad school, and job title, among others. That allows us to put your ad or InMail message directly in front of your prospective grad student.  

For traditional undergrad, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and YouTube offer the best opportunity for reaching 13-17 year olds, as these are the platforms where teens spend the most time - but most colleges haven’t figured out how to market through these platforms yet. If your institution isn’t advertising via social media, there is great opportunity to get in front of your target customer and get out ahead of your competition.  

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