First, a bit about you

What your LinkedIn profile says you do: You are a higher ed professional, tasked in some way with marketing or growing your institution’s enrollment.

What you REALLY do: You wear multiple hats, get invited to way too many meetings, provide marketing help to several departments (some of which have nothing to do with enrollment), don’t have enough time to stay up on the latest higher ed or digital marketing trends, are viewed by other departments as a service (and not the strategic leader you are), and are buried under an inbox that is mounting daily.

Oh, and somewhere in there, you need to carve out the time to develop strategies that will generate more leads and apps for your institution.

Whether you are a higher ed marketing leader, an enrollment or admissions VP, or some other enrollment-minded higher ed administrator, you are in the right place.

And the fact that you are here means that you are innovative, resourceful, and really care about growing your higher ed institution.  

But maybe you:

  • Aren’t sure if your institution has the internal expertise to market its programs

  • Don’t know which marketing channels are the right fit

  • Are worried your institution isn’t even getting noticed online

Regardless, you want your enrollment to be growing quicker.

You’re confident that there’s a better way to increase your app pool and generate more leads. You’re ready to level-up your marketing. You just don’t know how to make that a reality.

You are not alone. We started Little Foxes to help higher ed professionals, like you, fuel enrollment growth through strategic digital marketing.


Now, some background

Hello! My name is Tim Prusha and my passion is showing higher ed institutions how they can grow their programs, affordably and profitably, through digital marketing.  

How did I get here?

After 15+ years of marketing inside of higher ed institutions and marketing 100’s of programs as an online program manager (OPM) , I decided to quit my day job. I had a great title, a blush-inducing salary, and generated some of the best marketing ROI in the higher ed industry.

I left that security because, while I loved what I did, I wasn’t having the impact that knew I could. I believed there was a better way for higher ed marketing agencies to help colleges and universities grow their enrollments.

We aren’t looking to just be another marketing consultancy. We want to completely change the way that higher ed institutions and agencies work together. 



One of the biggest frustrations we hear from higher ed partners is, “Marketing agencies don’t understand higher ed!” Many agencies have a higher ed client or two, but they likely also have clients who work in construction, retail, or real estate - and the truth is, higher ed is very different.

We know it’s a bachelor’s degree, not a bachelors degree. We understand how your funnel should work - we’ve built plenty of them ourselves - and we know the difference between leads, applications, accepted apps, deposits, and enrollments, and how they are all related. We have an in-depth knowledge of who your target audience is and what their pain points are. And we have a proven track record of identifying and converting prospective students through SEO, SEM and social media.

We know how to digitally market higher ed, because it’s all we do as a higher ed marketing agency.         

Focused on digital

Using digital marketing allows us to provide quick, cost-effective, and trackable results for our higher ed clients. Our digital strategies are composed of four core elements:

  1. Conversion rate optimization (CRO): fine-tuning your site to ensure you get all the low-hanging fruit, which increases enrollments and reduces your marketing cost KPI

  2. Search engine optimization (SEO): as long as people still use Google, EDUs need to perform SEO. SEO will produce your cheapest, highest converting student leads

  3. Pay per click (PPC): PPC offers low-investment options that expand your digital marketing presence and lead capture funnel

  4. Social Media: Social media is where your target students are spending their time, and each offers unique targeting capabilities that will generate quality leads


When you hire us to consult with you or manage your lead generation strategies, our long term goal is to make you independent of any outside agency.

Typically, by month three of our partnership, we can advise you on if you should hire internal staff to replace us, if you should continue outsourcing, or something in between. We then help you manage that plan, which may involve vetting candidates or identifying remote employees.

Of course, after a few months of working with us, you might just decide that we are the best fit for you… and we’d be ok with that, too.

We know you’re busy and even if we don't work together, we’d still like to help you. Join our email list (it’s free). We regularly like to share free resources, like marketing plan templates, social media lead generation hacks, step-by-step website optimization guides, and more. Everything we share is 100% free, simplified, and actionable. Best of all, it’s created specifically for higher ed marketing and enrollment professionals - like you - who are looking to generate more leads and expand their brand online.

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