What Instagram’s Latest Updates Mean for Higher Ed

The Facebook-owned application has rolled out so many changes over the past few months that it can be hard to keep up – especially for busy higher education marketing professionals who are trying to sneak in a vacation day or two before the fall. We curated Instagram’s recent changes to identify those that will be most helpful to marketing your college or university.

Be a Fly on the Wall at A Comprehensive Marketing Assessment

We were recently doing a comprehensive assessment with a new EDU partner. After years of flat enrollments, they wanted to know what else they could do to get more leads and applications. We spent hours mapping out all their current marketing activities: digital campaigns, social media, event sponsorships, inbound, open houses. They had a lot going on! After reviewing the client’s upcoming enrollment goals, historic sources of leads/apps/students, and their website, we found the problem.

How to Get More [FREE] Leads From Your Higher Ed Website - Video Training

The average higher ed landing page converts at 2.6% (unbounce 2017). That means 97.4% of the visitors that come to the average .edu don’t fill out forms, start applications, call admissions, or engage in chats. What if, through a few minor adjustments, you could increase that number from 2.6% to 5%? Tim Prusha shows you how in this training for higher ed.

How to Create a Higher Ed Digital Marketing Strategy That Generates Leads

The world of higher ed enrollment management is always operating in the future. If you oversee undergraduate enrollment, you might already be done with this year and looking at next fall’s enrollment goals. If that’s the case, you’re likely wondering how you’re going to be successful. Where will those additional leads, apps, and enrolls come from? What works and what doesn’t? What should be done differently this time around?

10 Ways To Grow Your Higher Ed Instagram (with FREE Checklist)

If you’re like most higher ed marketers, you have limited time and budget. If you are wanting to get the most possible engagement out of social media, it makes sense to prioritize Instagram. To help with that, we are providing you with 10 of our favorite higher ed Instagram growth strategies. While we save our best strategies for our clients, we still use the 10 strategies outlined below on a regular basis.

The Ultimate Higher Ed Marketing Plan (FREE Download)

The Ultimate Higher Ed Marketing Plan is a free, 16-page, fillable pdf that asks you a series of questions that will help determine what makes your brand or program truly unique, refine exactly who your target audience is, identify your competition, what strategies they use, and how to position your offering, figure out how many leads and applications you will need to hit your enrollment goals,  pair your marketing goals with a monthly execution strategy, and more!