The Ultimate Higher Ed Marketing Plan (FREE Download)

When I was a new Director of Marketing at a small, private institution, I sat in a meeting with my VP. As I was going over all of my ideas about how I was going to generate leads that would impact our next enrollment cohort, he stopped me.

“These are all great ideas,” he said, “but where’s your PLAN?”

Marketing Plan for Higher Ed.png

I was embarrassed.

I had a rough plan in my head, and I was confident that it would work. But I struggled when it came to putting everything down in one comprehensive document. I knew my boss was looking for how many leads and applications I would generate, when I would generate them, and what initiatives they would come from. I just didn’t know how to start.

Immediately after the meeting, I flipped open my laptop and turned to Google. There weren’t any marketing plans available online that were specific to higher education. So I made my own. In the years since then, I’ve tweaked and improved that plan while using it to write plans for hundreds of degrees for institutions across the country.

I am excited to now offer a version of that plan to help higher ed marketing and enrollment professionals translate their own ad hoc tactics into one cohesive strategy.

The Ultimate Higher Ed Marketing Plan is a free, 16-page, fillable pdf that asks you a series of questions that will help:

  • Determine what makes your brand or program truly unique
  • Refine exactly who your target audience is
  • Identify your competition, what strategies they use, and how to position your offering
  • Figure out how many leads and applications you will need to hit your enrollment goals
  • Pair your marketing goals with a monthly execution strategy
  • And more!

If you get stuck or have a question, I am happy to help! Just post your feedback in the comment section below.

-Tim Prusha