How to Get More [FREE] Leads From Your Higher Ed Website - Video Training

Over the past few years I have tested a lot of marketing strategies. Some worked, some didn’t, and I’ve had to learn from a few mistakes along the way. But there has been one strategy that has always worked, no matter the brand, degree, or modality - and I’ve developed a free 25 minute training video that explains what it is, how it works, and how you can do it.

The average higher ed landing page converts at 2.6% - the lowest among all major industries. That means 97.4% of the visitors that come to the average .edu don’t fill out forms, start applications, call admissions, or engage in chats.

What if, through a few minor adjustments, you could increase that number from 2.6% to 5%?

On a page that averages 1,000 visitors a month, that would be an additional 24 high-quality, high-converting leads. Over a year, that’s 288 “free” leads that would convert to 28 students at a lead-to-enroll rate of 10%. Take your average tuition paid, multiply it by 28, and you’ve likely delivered high-six-figures of revenue to your institution, at virtually no additional cost. I would mention that at your next annual performance review.  

And that’s just one page.

This is the most valuable, but most overlooked, aspect of marketing in higher ed. Learn about it today, before your competitors do.